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UCT open textbook author profiles

Academics across a wide range of disciplines at the University of Cape Town are experimenting with various tools and authorship approaches to develop open textbooks in response to a range of educational challenges.

Here we profile UCT open textbook authors who have received DOT4D funding to support the innovative work they are doing in transforming their teaching practice and extending access to their teaching and learning materials.

  Kelsleyrao Apajee (Mechanical Engineering)

  Dr Chris Barnett (Chemistry)

  Stella Papanicolaou, Valerie Lehabe and Maashitoh Rawoot (Architecture)

  Dr Cesarina Edmonds-Smith (Chemistry)

  Dr Juan Klopper (Surgery)

  Associate Professor Maria Keet (Computer Science)

  Dr Jonathan Shock (Mathematics)

  Dr James Lappeman (Marketing)

  Tim Low (Statistics)

  Dr Michael Held (Orthopaedics)